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I know it’s almost spring, but I don’t stop knitting just because the weather gets a bit warmer.  I’ll make a little time to garden during daylight hours and switch to knitting at night!

Pattern 1:

This sweater caught my attention. I think it’s lovely:  


Oydis Sweater 

This is the Oydis Sweater by Linda Marveng.  It’s not yet available in English and, truth be told, I had a hard time even typing in its name—sometimes, auto-correct is not helpful. 

I’m thinking it would be beautiful in our new Softyak DK by Rowan.  It’s a gorgeous combo of yak and cotton. Plus, because these two fibers take dye differently, there’s a heathered effect.  And it’s sooooo soft. 

If you know Norwegian, you can get a head start on your knitting . . . I might give it a shot!  


Pattern 2:

Speaking of new yarns,   we are expecting our next shipment ofBoo Knit's Sweet Dreams Pattern Madelinetosh any day now - we ordered everything in her newest colors.  I’m particularly excited to restock Tosh Merino Light, which is perfect for shawls because it’s a single ply and it drapes beautifully.  It will be perfect for Boo Knits exquisite shawl called Sweet Dreams.  I’ve been thinking about making this shawl for awhile.   

Plus, I’m excited to announce that Katie Jacobs will be teaching us how to knit this beauty this spring.  She is an excellent lace knitter and teacher, and she has great ideas for adding beads as well. If you're local, we hope you will join us for this!

Pattern 3: 

My final pattern sLike A Sweater Blanket uggestion is “Like a Sweater” Blanket by Fifty Four Ten Studio.  This simple blanket rocks some large cables — and we all know that cables look so much harder and more impressive than they really are.  This would make a great, easy-to-knit, throw for your tv room, or we could resize it for a baby blanket.  Either way, it wouldn’t be boring.  



That's all for this week, guys. But we hope you stop back in a couple of weeks to see all the new stuff we're loving.


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