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Berroco Fiora Malabrigo Mechita Shawl Stephen West Sweater Winter

I may have had spring fever a few days ago, but there are snow flurries in Illinois today, so it’s back to my winter knitting. There are just so many new patterns to choose from . . . I don’t know which I want to tell you about first!

 Pattern 1:

I guess the first one I want to share with you is called Lantana Picture"Lantana.”  It is a lovely cardigan designed by Emily Nora O’Neil and it’s in Berroco’s new book, #372.  All of our copies flew out the door as soon as we unpacked the box. 

Our Stash of Fiora



We also received a new shipment of Fiora, the yarn recommended for use in the pattern, and it’s just luscious.  It’s made from cotton, viscose, alpaca, nylon, and a touch of wool—it’ll be perfect for a cool spring evening!



 Pattern 2:

The next pattern I’m into at the moment is the new shawlette by Ysolha Teague named “Stac Shoaigh:” 

Stac Shoaigh Shawl


This cosy little shawl starts at the center top and works downward.  It has a trMy Progress So Faraditional feather and fan pattern at the bottom and concludes in a picot edge. But what really got my attention were the little lotus flowers that encircle the center portion. I’m making mine out of Mechita, a festive Malabrigo yarn, because the lace isn’t terribly intricate, so a variegated yarn will work just fine.















Pattern 3:

Finally, if you haven’t yet been bitten by the brioche bug yet, you’re really missing out. We are all about brioche knitting these days, and Stephen West (the hot Stephen West Briochedesigner from Chicago, now in Amsterdam) is, too.  He just put out his e-book called Bundled in Brioche.  You can purchase each pattern individually for $6.00 or the whole book (I think it includes 10 patterns) for $25.00. 

Also, if you're from the Oak Park area, and don’t know how to do the brioche stitch, I’m going to run a class again in the spring, so keep an eye on our calendar.  It’s addictive!


Keep warm you all, and keep on knitting!



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