What to do with Prince of Purple Yarn

Since the Prince of Purple yarn arrived in the shop, I’ve been intrigued with gradiant patterns. The Prince of Purple is a special run made by Dream in Color in honor of the late great Prince. Each pack includes five 225-yard skeins of soft, smooshy yarn for a total of 1,125 yards. These beautiful shades of purple graduate from light to dark. Here a few of the Prince Purple Yarnpatterns I think would do justice to this yarn and the Artist.


Pattern 1:

Aramani Shawl

The first pattern that caught my eye is called the Aranami Shawl by Olga Buraya-Kefelian.  It’s a modular knit, so you only work on one wave with one color at a time.  I love modular knitting because the goals are built in—finish a module, done for the night!  This is the pattern I’ve chosen for my Prince of Purple yarn. 


Pattern 2:

 Of course, if you prefer a stole shape, Olga has another pattern called Asanagi Wrapthe Asanagi Wrap.  This pattern is well suited for those who like to use up all of the yarn rather than having left-overs.  


Pattern 3:

For you sweater knitters out there, I have another suggestion: Santa Rosa Plum by Carol Feller.  This pattern calls for sport weight yarn, so you’d need to purchase two packs of the Prince of Purple kits, but I think we could make it work.  The best part of this sweater is that the back is just as interesting as the front!

Santa Rosa Plum FrontSanta Rosa Plum Back

Gradient yarn packs are quite popular right now and I can see why; you get to use solids so that you can show off a stitch pattern, but it’s not boring because the color morphs into the next skein as you knit.  If you have any other great gradient patterns, please share your ideas.   

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