Fall Knits

Pattern 1:

I can’t seem to stop myself from starting multiple new projects.  This one was simply too irresistable.  It’s called Jameson, by Baby Cocktails, one of our favorite designers. I had to jump on this one because the cables looked so interesting and because we just received the featured yarn:  Arranmore by The Fibre Company. 

ArranJameson Cable Sweatermore is a delicious, soft tweed made out of merino, cashmere and silk.  I am going to make this sweater for myself without the big cowl neck and full length sleeves instead.  We have Arranmore in every color so stop by Knit Nirvana and choose your favorite!



Pattern 2:

Who doesn’t love leaves? This impressive shawl features a simple body and leaves sweeping across the bottom edge. It’s called Grandifolia Lite, designed by Vickie Hartog. As expected,  Katherine and I both started this shawl.  This pattern has two big sisters, Grandifolia and Grandifolia Alternate Ending; they’re larger and essentially all leaves, offering options for two different shapes.

Personally, I think starting with Grandifolia Lite is a good idea for those who want near-immediate gratification and a much quicker finished object.Plus, for those who can’t decide between two colors of yarn, this pattern can be knitted in either one color throughout or done up in two different colors.


GF Image

Katherine is knitting her shawl using La Jolla, the new yarn we received this summer from Baah!La Jolla is 100% merino and is available in lots of lovely colors. My shawl is knitted in Sylph, a wonderful cashmere/linen blend from Jade Sapphire.  Grandifolia Lite is a fun little pattern that knits up surprisingly quickly. The simple crescent is knitted first in stockinette and reverse stockinette and then the edge is knitted perpendicular in a mesmerizing swirl of leaves.  I think this shawl will be very wearable. 


Pattern 3:


I usually go for more immediate gratification projects than an afghan, but this one was too special to pass up. It’s designed by Norah Gaughan, a genuine master designer, and it’s available for free on Ravelry.  It’s called Norah’s Vintage Afghan and calls for Berroco Vintage yarn, which instantly makes this project more affordable.  Norah is renowned for her creative use of cables and the cables on this afghan are show-stopping.

Because the afghan is created one square at a time, it’s like knitting lots of little, manageable projects rather than a big overwhelming one. In fact, a group of knitters from the shop just knit this very afghan to raffle off to benefit the Oak Park River Forest Infant Welfare Society.  If you want this beautiful afghan without putting in the work, you can bid on it at the upcoming Gala. 

That’s it for now - see you soon! 



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