Our Staff

Knit Nirvana owner Sue Jaffee has dreamed of opening her own shop with a relaxed vibe, quality fibers and all the beautiful notions and accouterments. She has made her nirvana at 7453 W. Madison in Forest Park. An expert knitter of 46 years, Jaffee wants to share the experiences of seeing color and feeling texture with new knitters. “I love the meditative rhythm, the challenge of the pattern, the tactile feel and the bonus of having something tangible and beautiful at the end.”

She has assembled a staff of other expert needle artists at Knit Nirvana. Staff can help select projects, read patterns, calculate how much yarn is needed and interpret directions no matter what your level of expertise. There is no pressure to perform at Knit Nirvana, just helpful people who want you to enjoy knitting and crocheting as much as they do!

Our Staff

Katherine Hegg, the undisputed and never challenged Yarn Goddess, has been a needle artist in the Chicago area for 50 years. She has taught knitting, crocheting, spinning and weaving in Illinois, Wisconsin and Michigan. Hegg is a Level 1 Master Knitter through the Knitting Guild of America. She prefers the challenge of more intricate patterns such as cables, fair isle, entrelac and lace.

Judith Bouchard, a long time Oak Parker and a knitter of 55 years experience, enjoys teaching, particularly the fun of knitting socks! Currently she is hooked on “easy lace” and she loves doing cables and patterns. Judith is super patient with beginners!

Parvaneh Mollakarimi has been a knitting and crocheting artist for 30 years. She has created many original knit and crochet patterns and designs. Her love of sewing enables her to envision with ease practical instructions for making up her pieces. Her gift for needlework has resulted in designs that reflect tribal influences and different cultures from antiquity.

Sam Hovar taught herself to knit in 2005 to avoid studying for her college finals. Then in 2006 she learned to crochet and has been hooked ever since. She loves modern crochet styles and likes to play around with designing patterns. She crochets a wide variety of styles, but has a passion for amigurumi designs. She enjoys teaching beginners to crochet and taking experienced crocheters to the next level with more advanced patterns. You can follow along with her crochet adventures atwww.samsqueak.com or on Instagram @samsqueak.